Creed Viking Cologne - 100ml


A bold, fresh fragrance with a real ozonic appearance. This masterful alchemy of dry sandalwood, fresh bergamot, nutmeg and frankincense is inspired by the wild beauty and springtime adventures in the waters of the Norwegian fjords. This aromatic fougère combines the headiness of eau de parfum with the invigorating freshness of a cologne. A universal fragrance of boundless exploration, Viking Cologne is a contemporary scent for the modern adventurer.

Carved out the side of the mountain, a cool water reef is formed. A re-awakening from the dark winter months, an invigorating burst of freshness as the terrain is yet to be explored. The first light of Spring revitalizes the barely populated land, as the rocky atolls and small islands slide past the windows. Vertiginous waterfalls cascade from the clouds, exuberant and full of life as the crisp air engulfs the body. Forests, hills and lakes awash with sanguine opportunities lay waiting as your boundless journey begins.

Top notes Lemon, Cedarwood
Heart notes Lavender, Geranium
Base notes Frankinsence, Sage

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